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MACS upcoming training clinic, register today!

Mobile A/C Service Essentials May 13 at 6pm

MACS will present Peter Orlando from CARQUEST Technical Institute for a Mobile A/C Service Essentials live webinar.  It is designed to famil­iarize both shops and technicians with the current state of air conditioning service.

While this 90 minute seminar is not designed as a complete A/C refresher course, it touches on many foundations from previous HVAC courses and adds current information regarding new technol­ogies, diagnostic techniques and the critical nature of climate control systems today.

In this seminar, technicians will learn about:

Man pointing to a screen teaching a class
Peter Orlando
  • Current equipment standards and how to verify capabilities.
  • The future with R-1234yf and how it will impact the service bay and customer satisfaction.
  • Changes in leak detection and how to verify equipment operation.
  • A review of the new service processes and RRR machines including video demonstrations.
  • A review of tools and techniques to save time and increase accu­racy.

If you would like to attend this online class live at your computer, please register at the MACS website at, the class fees are $45 for MACS members and $70 for non-members.
You can also register by calling the MACS office at 215-631-7020 x 313, 311 or 309.

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