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Komatsu and mining equipment A/C clinic

Attend the MACS 2021 Training Event and Trade Show heavy-duty and off-road program and you will learn about servicing Komatsu mining equipment. Using the Komatsu mine air product line as a backdrop, and the Komatsu P&H shovel as a subject machine, Paul Krug will talk though the process of selecting a proper HVAC system for an older mining shovel during an upgrade project.

Paul Krug Komatsu

Paul will cover design, unit selection, processes and skills required, and special challenges for a remote mining market. We will further step back and talk about why Komatsu designed it the way they did and how Komatsu accomplish it in the factory.

You will also learn about training, parts planning, and troubleshooting in a remote mining situation.

Click here to view the entire MACS Training Program for the 2021 Training Event and Trade Show, September 30-October 2, in Orlando, FL at the Rosen Centre Hotel.

Click here to register to attend MACS 2021 Training Event at MACS website or call the MACS office at 215-631-7020 x 309, 313

To reserve a hotel room at the Rosen Centre, MACS host hotel in Orlando, FL. MACS room rate is $169  (single or double plus tax) or call (800) 204-7234 or (407) 996-9840.

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