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The most important Tool

The May issue of MACS ACTION® magazine focuses on essential A/C tools and equipment. MACS technical contributor, Jerry Lemon does a thorough job in his feature article discussing the tangible tools needed in your shop to perform competent repairs. Please make sure to read his advice here.

There is one essential tool we do not discuss enough that is the most important tool of all. TRAINING! No tool in your toolbox is going to work until you know the why, what, and when of how to use it.

This year, the MACS staff has traveled to Tampa, FL, Long Beach, CA, and Dallas, TX, providing regional training days for mobile A/C technicians. From the feedback MACS has received from both attendees and instructors, comprehensive, unbiased mobile A/C training is a mission-critical necessity.

It is during training sessions when the lightbulb finally turns on for many technicians; they discover why they see a certain pattern failure, or why the compressor acts the way it does. Why pressure and temperature readings occur in a system the way they do and how components interact with each other.

Attending training classes helps all of us put the pieces of mobile A/C repair together to complete the puzzle we may not have been able to solve before training. This knowledge awareness is true for all technician skill levels – newcomers and veterans.

MACS has many options for mobile A/C training. We post a training schedule of live classes on our website at:

We also offer a choice of recorded classes for on-demand viewing at this link:

In 2023, MACS returns to our annual training event schedule. Take time today to mark your calendar for the MACS 2023 Training Event and Trade Show scheduled for February 2-4, at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN. MACS will provide three days of mobile A/C training for light duty, heavy duty, and a full day devoted to electrical vehicles. Invest in training your staff now so the lightbulb that goes on in a training class stays on all the time lighting the way for competent efficient repairs.

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