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Designing a Climate Control System for Electric Vehicles

By Jeff Bozeman

The feature article in MACS June ACTION magazine is fascinating. Check it out below:

What does climate control do? Does an autonomous vehicle without a plan for passengers need a climate control system? Perhaps not, depending on if the cargo is live “organic matter” or inorganic. This article will focus on human transport where the sole purpose of climate control is to ensure driver vision safety and thermal comfort.

Individual Human Thermal Comfort

Humans are self-heating.  We put out about 75 Watts in a typical drive.  This being the case, why do we need to heat a vehicle?  Well, both timing in the vehicle and our body temperature is the cause.  The human body tries to regulate to 37°C (98.6°F), with the skin typically at about 33°C (~91°F).  In a cold environment our body loses heat in excess of the 75 watts produced and we get cold fast.  In a hot environment (at or above our skin temperature of 33°C) our body struggles to reject the 75 watts produced and we warm (or even sweat).

Read the entire article. Read all of the June issue of MACS ACTION magazine.

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