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Electric truck service opportunities

By Jerry Lemon, MACS contributor

July/August 2022

The July/August issue of MACS ACTION magazine is now available and discusses Electric truck service opportunities.

We have talked about the evolution of the eTruck for a while now. Now we are starting to see these trucks come to market. These trucks are going to be showing up in some of our shops, well at some point anyway, with a problem with the HVAC system. What are we going to be able to service in our shop? The short answer is, not much, at least initially.

For many of these eTrucks, there are going to be one, two, or possibly more, systems using refrigerant on the vehicle. I am not going to discuss any specific systems, because many of them are proprietary, but we can still talk about the generic packages, how to identify them, what can be serviced in a regular shop, and what to avoid at all costs!

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