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Electrified Transportation Pro+ Program Option 2

Training & Certification Program

The objective of the Electrified Transportation Pro+ Program is to ensure that all individuals working in transportation industries are professionally trained in Electrified Vehicle Systems and Technologies consistently to EV training standards. Dr. Mark Quarto from FutureTech Auto will lead students in lecture.

The hands-on Training and Certification Level 1 Event component consists of 2.5 days of hands-on instruction, content review, and 2 Exams (practical and a 2-hour timed-written). Major Topical Areas for training and exams include:

  • High Voltage Safety and PPE
  • High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems
  • BEV, EREV, HEV, and PHEV Systems Architecture and Operation

Option 2 dates: Afternoon only of Sept. 28 and all day Sept 29-30
Day 1 will be 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Days 2 + 3 will be 8:30 until 4-4:30 p.m.
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**Participants will complete 8 hours of pre-requisite On-Demand EV Technologies Training prior to the Level 1 Hands-on Training, Exams/Certification event. All modules are self-paced and must be completed prior to first day of the hands-on event. Topics include:

  • High Voltage Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Two 1-hour modules
  • High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems – Four 1-hour modules
  • Introduction to HEV/BEV Systems – Two 1-hour modules

At the conclusion of each 1-hour module, a graded quiz will need to be completed to move on to the next module.