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F.R.E.D. Wears a Mask – Module Communications Update (CAN & LIN)

with veteran MACS Trainer, Dave Hobbs

Modern mobile HVAC systems simply won’t work without proper data bus communications between modules. How up to date is your CAN / LIN bus diagnostic knowledge?  Dave Hobbs, veteran MACS trainer and creator of the F.R.E.D. (Frustrating Ridiculous Electronic Device) training series,  will give you practical diagnostic tips on;

  • CAN isolation buses / security gateway modules – when modules are “masked” from your scan tool
  • CAN bus termination resistor update – it’s not always 60 ohms at the DLC these days!
  • Diagnostic tips for CAN and LIN bus faults that EVERY tech can apply

$45 MACS members/$70 non members