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Mobile A/C Best Practices

At MACS Headquarters in Lansdale, PA

This course describes “Best Practices” service and repair methods pertaining to mobile A/C systems. Its “Boot Camp” style approach delivers “everything you need/nothing you don’t” in a fast-paced, highly informative manner.

Benefits of this A/C class includes helping to ensure:

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • High-quality long lasting repairs
  • Reduction of comebacks
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

Major subjects the course covers include:

  • A/C Systems: What They Do and How They Do It
  • A/C System Components: Description and Operation
  • A/C System Refrigerants and Oils
  • Essential A/C System Service Practices and Precautions
  • Mobile A/C System Temperature Testing

In this class, attendees will learn how to use temperature readings taken at various locations throughout an A/C system, to pinpoint problems. This in-depth program was developed by placing “bugs” in systems (both orifice tube and expansion valve) that simulate often-encountered real world situations. All “normal/good” and “abnormal/bugged” conditions were photographically documented. The “results” of the bugs, when matched up with the temperature readings taken, show how things like under/over charge, internal restrictions, blocked cabin air filters and condensers, and other improper conditions, affect A/C system performance and operation. Armed with the knowledge from this program, when confronted with similar circumstances in the field, technicians will have a good understanding concerning how to proceed with authoritative diagnosis and effective repair.

MACS Members $60/Non Members $80