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Topic Description

Peter Orlando, Carquest Technical Institute / Advance Auto Parts (PC/LT)

Climate Control System Diagnostics: Using Scan Tool Analytics

Climate Control System Diagnostics: Using Scan Tool Analytics

Assessing customer complaints with external equipment may not be necessary in all cases to determine diagnostic direction if the answers to a TRUE performance test are built-in to the vehicle.

Multiple modules are sharing the sense, compare, and correction necessary to impact TRUE engine temperature and total climate control strategies. What would happen if a true performance test required the use of a scan tool initially?

Think about it! There is not one OE manufacturer that prescribes hooking up the RRR machine and taking the vehicle out on a road test! Why not look at the data the modules are seeing to seek the truth in our climate control system analysis?

This seminar will cover:

  • Using a scan tool to diagnose climate control complaints
  • What climate control parameters are available on my scan tool
  • OE vs Aftermarket s tools: What are we missing?
  • Season ourselves for the season with REASON!