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Mobile air climate systems association (MACS) formerly known as MACS Mobile Air Conditioning


Sharing knowledge and building consensus to drive the industry forward

Facilitating expert connections and knowledge

From service shop owners to technicians, distributors, manufacturers and educators, MACS brings together all generations and expertise levels in the mobile climate control industry. MACS allows you to find the knowledge you need to solve problems and gain high client satisfaction and trust.

Environmental and regulatory compliance with a 609 Certification

A 609 Certification is separate from skills training. Rather, it educates on U.S. federal laws regarding how to handle refrigerants and safely recover, recycle or dispose of them. A 609 Certification also allows auto technicians to purchase refrigerant and follow rules to be in federal compliance.

Providing customized mobile air climate system training

If your staff is having problems, such as repairs not lasting as long as anticipated or the correct tools not being utilized on the job, MACS offers customized mobile air climate systems training. Specific to your company’s needs, these trainings empower industry workers with the information they need for easier, better, faster job completion.

woman teaching in an auto shop

Creating a community of knowledge

MACS membership is for all segments in the industry, including manufacturers, service repair shops, distributors, educators and individuals. It allows members to build beneficial relationships and learn from unbiased resources. For solving problems faster and achieving high customer satisfaction, MACS members utilize:

  • A community of experts who mentor and share knowledge with one another
  • Accurate technical information from OEMs
  • Unlimited access to 609 Certification training videos
  • Latest industry information from our ACTION magazine
  • Hands-on service and repair information from our monthly technical newsletter MACS Service Reports
  • Money savings on national brands like Cintas., UPS., GE. Appliances and more

Bringing the industry together in one event

MACS 2021 Training Event and Trade Show will take place September 30 through October 2, 2021 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, FL. MACS brings together all levels in the industry. From experts who create repair processes to professionals in manufacturing, distribution, service and repair, this event allows all segments to connect and learn from each other.

Keeping the environment safe with a 609 Certification

Obtaining a 609 Certification ensures refrigerant can be recovered, recycled and disposed of properly. In addition, it keeps you in compliance with legislation and helps protect from fines.

One important note: 609 Certification is not skills training. Rather, it gives individuals the required knowledge on federal laws regarding the mobile climate control industry.

Empower with mobile air climate systems training

Whether diagnoses are inaccurate or customers have multiple comebacks, MACS customizes training to workers’ unique needs. With practical knowledge they can immediately utilize, industry workers will be empowered to get jobs done right—the first time.

Choose from in-person training at your facility, using your vehicles, or live online training.

Informing with ACtion magazine

With the latest industry advancements, changes and news, ACTION magazine allows the entire mobile climate control industry to continuously move forward. MACS members retain access to past publications to reference as needed. Experience a bit of what it’s like to be a MACS member with one free issue.

Gain more exposure with ACtion magazine

With the MACS ACtion magazine media kit, companies can advertise to 30,000 readers each month. Our readership is compiled of the largest database of service and repair product end-users in the industry.

Stay up-to-date with MACS and mobile A/C industry trends

As an ever-growing resource, the MACS blog helps auto technicians and mechanics gain practical knowledge. Multiple topics are covered, such as the basics of A/C and discussing specific problems as well as explaining federal requirements.

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