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MACS History

In the early 1980’s, automotive service technicians who worked on mobile A/C systems needed a central place they could access for unbiased information. In answer to that need, the MACS Mobile Air Climate Systems Association was founded and incorporated on October 14, 1981. Early on, our founder Simon Oulouhojian, along with other technician trainers, traveled around the country hosting service training sessions. Their goal was to bring information and training from the OEMs to auto technicians and mechanics, so they could better serve their customers.

When the U.S. Clean Air Act of 1990 required service technicians to gain their EPA 609 Certification, MACS pioneered and facilitated the training program. Because of our outstanding EPA 609 Certification training course, MACS was the first organization the EPA recognized for its 609 Certification program.

Man with blue hat under hood of car

Auto industry professionals in different segments also needed to form strong connections for greater knowledge sharing. With that in mind, MACS created a forum to join all industry segments and professionals together to foster growth and expand knowledge. MACS also began hosting the MACS convention—one of the most popular training events and trade shows in the mobile cooling system industry. By facilitating relationships industry-wide, MACS allows industry professionals to easily attain the information they need to solve their customers A/C problems.
MACS has global connections. We are supporters of MACS Partners in the European Union and VASA in Australia

Forging strong connections

In 2020, MACS changed our name from Mobile Air Conditioning Society to Mobile Air Climate Systems Association. MACS feels our new name more accurately reflects who we are and what we do, as “association” means an organization of people who share a common interest.

MACS continues to provide immediately applicable training and knowledge about mobile A/C for individuals and service shops. We also still facilitate connections between generations and levels of expertise. With the connections they make, MACS members are empowered to get the answers they need, when they need them.

Members also have access to the latest mobile A/C industry changes and advancements to help them continue to give their customers the best possible experience.

MACS’ Mission and Vision

Even though MACS’ name has changed, our mission and vision remain the same. We continue to serve auto technicians, mechanics, manufacturers, distributors and educators by:  

  • Creating a community for sharing trade knowledge on a regional, national and international basis.
  • Providing accurate, unbiased technical training and compliance programs.
  • Facilitating business between all segments of the industry, including manufacturers, service repair shop owners, auto technicians, mechanics, educators, associates, distributors and individuals.
  • Providing tangible value for MACS members, such as product marketing, promotion and money-saving affinity programs.
  • Sharing legislative, regulatory and trade information (including data, current developments and training materials).
  • Advocating for the mobile climate control industry and informing the industry about legislative and regulatory changes.

Driving the mobile cooling system industry forward

With multiple resources, MACS empowers every industry professional to provide solutions for complex problems in every segment.

Facilitating 609 Certification classes and training

Separate from skills training, a 609 Certification educates mechanics and auto technicians on federal laws and EPA guidelines for handling refrigerants. It’s required for all industry professionals in order to purchase refrigerant.


Educating with tailored mobile cooling system training  

When industry workers are unsure which tools are best for unique jobs, when diagnoses are erroneous or when customers aren’t completely satisfied, MACS offers customized mobile air climate systems training.

Hosting the MACS Training Event for learning and connecting  

Building relationships with industry experts across different segments allows all generations and skill levels to drastically improve. The MACS annual Training Events and Trade Show provides the opportunity to personally meet and learn from others. In 2024 MACS will hold our event in Orlando, FL at the Rosen Centre Hotel, February 1-3, with a golf tournament on January 31st.