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Mobile A/C On-Demand Training Videos

Field Service Tools & Techniques for Off-Road A/C Service

Discounted member price: $35

In this informative session, we will delve into the world of recommended A/C Service Tools specifically designed for HD and Off-Road equipment. Discover the essential tools required to perform efficient field service and gain insights into their practical applications. Moreover, we will explore a range of service procedures and delve into the rationale behind their utilization. Whether you’re an experienced technician or new to the field, this webinar promises valuable knowledge and techniques that will enhance your proficiency in the realm of field service.

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Electric Compressors, EV Systems & Heat Pumps

Discounted member price: $35

EV and hybrid manufacturers are searching for every yard/meter of range they can squeeze out of their vehicles. In the race to get their newest offerings into the driveways of consumers, range is a major factor. HVAC can severely effect vehicle range, and engineers are doing everything possible to reduce the impact of this creature comfort/necessity.

We will explore electric compressor design, 3-phase motor operation, and electronic compressor control. Testing a HIGH VOLTAGE (HV) electric compressor requires PPE, specific equipment, and procedures; both will be discussed and safely demonstrated.

Heat pump system theory, design, components, and operation will be discussed and demonstrated in heating and cooling modes using temperature and pressure analysis. Thermal management systems which usually incorporate an electric compressor and heat pump, will be fully explained.

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609 Certification Training Webinar

Discounted member price: $0

This webinar is designed to help technicians gain the knowledge they need before taking the Section 609 Certification test. The webinar is an aid to the Section 609 study guide, but doesn’t take the place of it.

MACS dues paying members are reminded this webinar can be viewed free in the members only section of the website when members log in with their user name and password.

  • The webinar is approximately 60 minutes.
  • The webinar is available for viewing for one month after date of purchase.


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R-1234yf and Future Systems Update

Discounted member price: $25

This 40-minute presentation will provide viewers with the details needed to safely service R-1234yf vehicles. Included are the events leading up to the choice of R-1234yf, the properties, service differences and tools needed for R-1234yf service and a glimpse at the future of automotive AC systems as we transition to Electric Vehicles.

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MACS 2022 Mobile A/C Update

Discounted member price: $40

MACS 2022 Mobile A/C Update webinar topics:

  • Case Studies:
    • Mazda 3 heating issue
    • Subaru Baja heating problem
    • GM Lambda SUV evaporator leaks
    • GM EV compressor oil stains
  • Tech Tips:
    • F-Series coolant lights
    • A/C line repairs
    • Temperature trim adjustment
  • R/R/R machine buying guidance
  • Update on EPA Regulations, the AIM Act of 2020, R-1234yf, 609 Certification & Purchase Restrictions.
    The video runs for 47 minutes, you can access for 30 days from the date of purchase.

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Mobile AC Service Essentials Webinar

Discounted member price: $35

The Mobile A/C Service Essentials webinar is presented by Peter Orlando of CARQUEST Technical Institute.  It is designed to familiarize both shops and technicians with the current state of air conditioning service. While this seminar is not designed as a complete A/C refresher course, it touches on many foundations from previous HVAC courses and adds current information regarding new technologies, diagnostic techniques and the critical nature of Climate Control systems today.

In this seminar, we will discuss:

  • Current equipment standards and how to verify capabilities
  • The future with R-1234yf and how it will impact the service bay and customer satisfaction
  • Changes in leak detection and how to verify equipment operation
  • A review of the new service processes and RRR machines including video demonstrations
  • A review of tools and techniques to save time and increase accuracyThis video can be accessed for 30 days from date of purchase.

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LBT-452 Hybrid EV Maintenance Opportunities-HVAC


The service opportunities for hybrid and electric vehicles are increasing for all shops. HVAC periodic maintenance and troubleshooting are areas that all shops should be paying attention to.  This course covers Hybrid/EV HVAC system components, inspection, diagnostics and maintenance procedures required to identify problems as well as keep them in optimal operating condition.

Topics Covered:

HEV/EV HVAC system diagnostic and maintenance opportunities
Understanding of the differences in types of compressors and HVAC components
Testing & monitoring and bi-directional control
Using proper tools, equipment and OE specified refrigerant and lubricants


After completing this course, you will be able to:
Describe common HEV-BEV HVAC components
Explain the maintenance needed on HEV-BEV’s
Understand the importance of oils and coolants
Determine common mistakes technicians may make
Perform on car HVAC diagnostics

Runtime = 47 minutes
Credit Hours = 1.5

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T7 Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Service with Dave Hobbs

Medium/Heavy Truck Service Heating and Air Conditioning

$99.95 – $134.95

The ASE-T7 certification program ensures you have a full understanding on the topic of Truck Refrigeration System, Heating System, Engine Cooling System, and Manual and Automatic Control System diagnostic information, including symptom descriptions and their causes, as well as testing procedures, with the interpretation of test results.

This program covers Service and Repair; A/C System and Component Diagnosis, Heating and Engine Cooling Systems Diagnosis, and, Operating Systems and Related Controls Diagnosis.

In addition to the easy-to-read text, the T7 Medium/Heavy Truck Heating, Ventilation & A/C Self-Study Guide contains dozens of useful illustrations. You’ll also find the T7 Study Guide to be a handy reference manual that you can use on the job after you’ve taken the ASE test.

Topics Cover:

  •  HVAC System Diagnosis, Service and Repair
  •  A/C System and Component Diagnosis, Service and Repair
  •  Heating and Engine Cooling Systems, Diagnosis, Service and Repair
  •  Operating Systems and Related Controls Diagnosis and Repair
  •  Sample Test Questions

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MACS_ASE-A7 Test Prep Heating and Air Conditioning 2022 v8.22

$99.95 – $134.95

In this hands on training course you will learn the fundamentals on everything thermal related on vehicles. ASE-A7 Test Prep Heating and Air Conditioning provides practical tips for the working tech who wants to pass the ASE A7 and perform quicker and more effective repairs on the latest HVAC systems. We also cover today’s refrigerants like Y1234 along with legacy refrigerants plus the latest information related to modern vehicle heating and air conditioning systems, components and strategies.

Runtime: 3 hours 49 minutes Study Hours: 7.6 Note:

The A7 Test Prep Study Guide is NOT downloadable and may only be viewed online. This is an updated ASE-A7 Test Prep Brakes course. This course replaces previous versions of the ASE-A7 Test Prep course with updated content and the most current practice test information.

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MACS_LBT-413 Computer Controlled Cooling Systems


Do you understand the workings of today’s computer-controlled cooling systems and components? Cooling components and the networks that control them are becoming more complex, and knowing how they operate and interact with each other is essential for efficient and cost-effective diagnostics.

In this course, instructor Dave Hobbs will explain modern cooling systems and their components’ workings, including electronic thermostats, electric cooling fans, electronic viscous clutch fans, solenoid controls for coolant flow, active grill shutters, active air dams, and electronic water pumps.

Using case studies and Dave’s extensive experience, this course will show the technician how to profit from these complex components, focusing on best practices, system diagnosis, and repair.

Topics Covered:

Electronic Thermostats
Electric Cooling Fans
Coolant Flow Solenoid Controls
Active Grill Shutter and Air Dams
Electronic Water Pumps


Generalize Electronic Automotive Thermostats
Understand Electric Cooling Fans
Discuss Solenoid Controls for Coolant Flow
Summarize Active Grill Shutters and Air Dams
Understand Electric Water Pumps

Runtime = 124 minutes
Credit Hours = 3

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Best recommended practices of AC Service with Bob Pattengale

A/C Best Recommended Practices with Bob Pattengale


Automotive Video presents a brand new training program on air conditioning fundamentals with Bosch Field Sales Technical Trainer Bob Pattengale.

Today, virtually every car has air conditioning, and virtually every car is going to need to have that air conditioning serviced from time to time. In this 75 minute training program, Bob focuses on the best recommended practices: the steps that you need to take long before you hook up an air conditioning machine. Are the belts in good condition? Are there any leaks in the system? Is the heater valve stuck open? Do you have a dirty cabin air filter?

This program is intended to cover the fundamentals of what makes the A/C system work on newer vehicles and the best recommended procedures for diagnosis and repair. Bob will help you avoid the common, costly mistakes that affect your bottom line. He will cover things like identifying refrigerants, recharging the system, replacing components and purging air from the system. Also learn about the new J-2788 standard, approved refrigerants and repair procedure regulations.

  • Initial system examination
  • Performance Testing
  • Attaching Temperature Probes
  • Refrigerant Blends
  • Monitoring Pressure
  • Analyzing Readings
  • Case Study on Pontiac G6
  • Charging System
  • System Review
  • Top 11 A/C System Repair Mistakes per MACS Surveys

Join Bob and AVI as we focus on how to get the job done right every time with some great best practices you can easily follow

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Why J2788 with Bob Pattengale

Why J2788 Standard with Bob Pattengale


What if you could save 30 minutes each day in the shop? Do you have some areas in the shop where you might be wasting a little bit of time? You might have a machine that’s not quite up to its 100% potential? This DVD shows you why J2788 makes a difference!

J2788 air conditioning machines came onto the market about three years ago. If you purchased one in the last three years, chances are you purchased a J2788 machine. But what are the differences? Bob Pattengale talks about them in this video.

J2788, the new standard, is based on research that was done with the Society of Automotive Engineers and the Mobile Air Climate Systems Association (MACS) working in conjunction with car manufacturers.

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Mastering Hybrid HVAC Systems with Dave Hobbs

Mastering Hybrid HVAC Systems with Dave Hobbs


In this program, Instructor Dave Hobbs teaches you hands-on fundamentals to servicing Hybrid A/C systems. Advance your diagnostic strategies by understanding these complex systems through live on car demonstrations. Dave covers essential hybrid A/C technical tips and tricks on how to keep not only your customers cool but the hybrid battery from overheating.

In depth instruction and hands on training on:

  • Hybrid Safety and the Service Switch
  • Electric AC compressor
  • Diagnosing coolant sensor DTC’S
  • Evacuating and recharging the hybrid A/C system
  • Hybrid Emissions solutions
  • TIS to Web for Hybrid applications

Hybrids are 95% the same as a traditional vehicle, however diagnosing that 5% difference can be difficult without knowing important hybrid scanner data PID information. Dave introduces you to these hybrid data pids like evaporator fin thermistor, solar sensor, engine coolant temp sensor, air mix servo pulse, electric heater current, and compressor speed using Toyota’s factory scan tool, the Tech Stream to help you understand good vs bad data readings.

Dave also discusses safety tips when evacuating and recharging the A/C system, informing us about the importance of using a J2788 compliant recovery machine to stabilize critical charge systems and demonstrates how to remove harmful PAG oil from the recovery machine and it’s hoses to avoid contamination.

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