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Dave Hobbs, Delphi Technology by Borg Warner (EV)

HVAC "Hide & Seek" for Electrified Vehicles: Essentials in PHEV and BEV Thermal Management

Electrified vehicles (HEVs, PHEVs and BEVs) are no longer playing “hide and seek” from the (HEVs) that have been gaining in numbers for over the last 20-years.

The “plug-ins” (PHEVs and BEVs) will be lined-up for service sooner than you think. High voltage/unique HVAC related components used in these vehicles can seem hidden and their technologies can seem hopelessly complicated.  Allow Delphi to help you seek the hidden and simplify the complicated!  This will help you navigate complex topics like:

  • High voltage safety – More than JUST those “Big Orange Cables”
  • Electric A/C compressor operation and service
  • Heat pumps and high voltage electric heaters (common on PHEVs and BEVs)
  • Power electronics and high voltage battery thermal management
  • J1772 & EVSE (Electric vehicle supply equipment)