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Paul Pelly, Collaborative Partner – FutureTech Auto (EV)

Building an EV Training Program That’s Best for Your Business and Service Team

Selecting training courses that provide both value and practical application is as important as partnering with an experienced training supplier.

In this session, Paul Pelly, associate professor of automotive technologies, will share best practices in building your customized EV Training Pathway that will support the needs of your technicians, service writers and advisers, marketing, management, and other members of your service team.

Many training delivery and course options exist. These can be in the form of virtual, on-demand, adaptive learning, hands-on workshops, bootcamps, blended learning, and others. Electrified transportation technologies training topics such as high voltage vehicle safety systems, 3-phase systems, trans and drive units, charging systems, diagnostic workshops, and more.  This presentation will explore these options to assist you with selecting the best delivery method and course content for your organization.