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Webinar Training

Section 609 Certification Prep Webinar & Test

Get 609 Certified!

Join MACS for our Section 609 test prep webinar for refrigerant handling training and certification.  The webinar will take approximately 90 minutes. After the webinar technicians will take a test to become Section 609 certified to work on vehicles using R-12, R-134a and R-1234yf refrigerant. View from home or work, with coworkers or by yourself....

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Advanced Computer Controlled Cooling System Diagnostics

with Veteran MACS Trainer, Dave Hobbs

Electric water pumps, mapped thermostats and coolant flow solenoids are becoming the new norm.  Are you ready to service them?  Veteran MACS trainer Dave Hobbs will give you practical diagnostic tips on; Understanding Toyota, Ford and GM electronically managed cooling systems Thermostat testing (mapped vs. conventional / on vehicle vs. bench) Current ramping (scoping) cooling...

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F.R.E.D. Wears a Mask - Module Communications Update (CAN & LIN)

with veteran MACS Trainer, Dave Hobbs

Modern mobile HVAC systems simply won't work without proper data bus communications between modules. How up to date is your CAN / LIN bus diagnostic knowledge?  Dave Hobbs, veteran MACS trainer and creator of the F.R.E.D. (Frustrating Ridiculous Electronic Device) training series,  will give you practical diagnostic tips on; CAN isolation buses / security gateway modules...

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