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Meet a California success story, MACS member John Miller


The Air Shop
1351 E Borchard Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705-4412
(714) 285-0108

John began his mobile A/C career in May 1970, just back from a U.S. Army tour in Vietnam and eager for a job. John walked into California Auto Refrigeration in Orange County and began what would become a lifelong career in mobile A/C service and repair.

Now here’s where John’s story takes the Hollywood twist. “In 2002, I had the opportunity to buy The Air Shop from its founder, Eddie Paskey and his wife Judy. I just could not pass it up. Eddie was an original cast member of the popular 60’s series Star Trek. He played Lt. Leslie in many episodes.” (For all you trekkies out there, check it out at

“The Air Shop & Accessories is one of the very last full-service auto air conditioning shops left in southern California,” John explains, “We service, repair and install A/C just like it started many years ago. We also service, repair, and install power windows, door locks, text busters, cruise controls, keyless entry kits, rear view cameras, back up sensors, alarms, GPS systems, hands-free phone kits, and pretty much any bolt on accessories. We also do some repair work on refrigerant recovery/recycle machines. ”

John also works on hot rod, street rod, and classic car A/C installation and service work.

Heavy-duty is part of the business too. “We do as much HD work as we can. Our off-road work consists of racing vehicles not agricultural equipment. We also do quite a bit of work for several municipalities and that includes fire trucks and equipment.”

John says 75% of his business involves A/C work and 25% involves accessories. “Like most AC shops, our prime time varies with the weather. Usually from sometime in May through the end of September we experience our busiest season. Our vintage work comes in the off- season, October, November, and January through April. Everyone wants their cars ready for the cruise season.”

Every shop has a business experience they will never forget. John recalls, “I have had some very odd jobs, but one stands out above all others, it was in 1983, it was in the middle of summer, about 250-degrees outside, cars lined up waiting for service or repair. I had just moved a car out of the driveway and right behind me a brand new 1983 Cadillac Eldorado pulls in. I walked up to the car just as the driver got out. He spoke to me with a broken Italian accent. His first words were my air conditioning she no work. He said he had driven across the desert from Las Vegas and the air quit someplace in between. I tried to explain how busy I was, he wouldn’t hear of it. After talking back and forth I decided it would be quicker to just check his car. It turned out the wires at the cycling switch weren’t plugged in tightly enough, a simple fix. I closed the hood with him smiling from ear to ear. He reached in his pocket for money to pay me, but I couldn’t take his money for such a quick simple fix. He put his money away and instead handed me his business card, I didn’t look at it, but put it in my shirt pocket. He shook my hand and told me anytime I came to Vegas he would take care of me and my money was never any good, I thought to myself, yea yea, ok. He shook my hand again and drove away with his windows up and a wave. Later that day, I looked at his business card, it was from The Barbary Coast Hotel and Casino, the name on the card was Tony Giancana, brother to Sam Giancana, the alleged New York mafia boss.”

In this economy, John cites his biggest challenge as cash flow, but the economy has also made a larger more skilled pool of technicians available for hire. On his wish list are a bigger service facility and a Snap-on Verus scan tool.
John has been a MACS member since the beginning because, “The MACS staff, the educational info, the membership…it is a great way to solve problems, I can find someone who has ran across every problem imaginable. The convention and trade show always has something new and of interest. Did I mention the annual golf tournament?

John enjoys the MACS conventions and has attended many over the years. He is an avid golfer and loves the annual MACS tournament.

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When having your mobile A/C system professionally serviced, insist on proper repair procedures and quality replacement parts. Insist on recovery and recycling so that refrigerant can be reused and not released into the atmosphere.

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The 34th annual Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide Training Conference and Trade Show, Power Up  will take place January 16-18 2014 at the Sheraton New Orleans.

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