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1950 Chevrolet Deluxe – Interior Climate Controls

By Steve Schaeber-MACS technical editor
There’s a neat little repair shop here in Lansdale, PA that is well known by many residents of the borough, and one which I walk past almost every day. This morning I saw there was an old green Chevy sitting in their parking lot, so I had to stop and check it out. Turns out it belongs to their tech, who immediately started telling me about all the neat features on this antique, and yes, all of them still work!
S1540171 (Fig 1)
Talk about keeping it simple! There are only three sliders to control airflow. The top knob says DEF, and when you slide it left to right you can choose between OFF, DE-FOG and DE-ICE. The middle knob says AIR, which controls the blower motor speed; your choices are OFF, LOW, MED and HI. The bottom knob says TEMP, which simply shows an arrow surrounding the word WARMER.
S1540154 (Fig 2)
If you just want to have fresh air blow in, there’s also a VENT knob, located underneath the radio in the middle of the dash board.
S1540202 (Fig 3)
This long black tube is under the hood on the driver’s side of the car. It’s the fresh air intake for the VENT control. Can you see where the cable connects to open and close the vent door?
S1540197 (Fig 4)
Take a look at the climate control system in the car you’re driving, we’ve come a long way in 64 years haven’t we?
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