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What you don’t know…can cost you!

And what you don’t know can cost you in labor, parts and ultimately, customers.

Resources abound, of course. This, and many other fine publications devoted to the automotive repair market offer industry insight, technical solutions and marketing perspectives.


Other answers are only a few keystrokes away on any one of a number of very powerful search engines available on the Internet.

Peer-to-peer online networks offer other unique opportunities for information exchange and collaboration. Everything from iATN, to LinkedIn to YouTube and others can help.

All of these options to learn more about how to serve your customers and grow your business are important, but even all these are not enough.

If you’re serious about staying competitive in the years ahead, you need to attend the MACS Training Event and Trade Show February 11 – 13, 2016.

Do you want to learn how A/C and cooling systems are changing, and how these changes will affect how you diagnose and repair your customers’ vehicles? Do you want to know what front-line service experience with R-1234yf is like?

Check out the training program on tap in Orlando. Many of the most knowledgeable technicians and engineers in the industry will be providing information and techniques that will translate to increased efficiency and profitability when applied in your service bays.

The program has been designed to maximize the learning experience, providing the opportunity to participate in eight intensive training sessions in just two days. And that’s not all. Two luncheons offer food for thought as well, including a keynote presentation offering a vision of the future and another providing real world experience with the service of R-1234yf in the field.

And there’s more, including a two-hour general session featuring an update from the EPA, insight from vehicle manufacturers and an industry overview with Ward Atkinson, MACS’ technical advisor. After that kickoff session, participants have a day to check out the products and services of the industry’s leading suppliers at the MACS trade show.

All of this, plus the opportunity to network with your peers make the MACS annual event the perfect forum to learn “what you don’t know.”

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