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More in common with an IT specialist

By Andy Fiffick

“Today’s technician has more in common with an IT specialist than he or she does with wrench turners of old.”

That observation by Peter Meier, director of training for Motor Age, seems particularly appropriate to me. In his column in the July 2016 issue of the journal he observed: “Today, the computing power of individual modules on a car rivals that of the laptop you use in the shop or at home. Instead of one module, there are dozens of modules on the car, making up multiple networks that control everything from engine management to how cool the cabin stays.”


Pete’s right, of course, and MACS gears its information and training for the vehicle climate and thermal management landscape as it exists today and will evo2016ac_09digitallve tomorrow.

I invite you to closely examine the educational and training program MACS has developed for its annual training event, scheduled Feb. 16 through 18 in Anaheim, California. We’ve
included the full program in this issue of ACTION.

MACS is fortunate to have the support of the leading technical specialists and trainers in the country. Their support makes it possible to pack a total of more than 30 hours of information, education and training into this three-day event, including a full day of training in Spanish.

Training sessions will focus on advanced diagnostic techniques, telematics and the expanding role of automotive refrigerant systems in supporting vehicle operation, as well as service and repair efficiency and accuracy. There will be two full days of training specific to both auto and light truck, and two days of training on heavy duty trucks, off-road and other specialty vehicles. Sandwiched between the training days is the opportunity to engage one-on-one with the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, and examine the latest tools and equipment at the MACS trade show.

In addition to technical training, important insight will be offered on climate control and thermal management of alternate fuel vehicles, penetration in the fleet of R-1234yf refrigerant, regulatory developments and other factors and trends that will impact our businesses into the future.


As business people, we know that in addition to having the tools and expertise to serve our customers, there is another essential component to our success, and that revolves around our sales and marketing efforts. Just as the technical side of our business becomes more complex each day, so does the business side of our business. Having an online presence for our customers, understanding and making the most of social media, and all of the challenges of the digital age must be addressed to ensure our success.

With the latter in mind, MACS has implemented a new feature for 2017. We will provide free marketing and advertising consultations on the trade show floor on Friday, and will also conduct a panel discussion on marketing and management at lunch on Saturday during the training event.

After reviewing the enclosed program, you’ll want to attend the MACS annual event in 2017. It will be good for your business!

If you’re a service professional and not a MACS member yet, you should be!

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