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MACS Staff Spotlight: Meet Barbara Wheeler

By: Alexa Murphy

Barbara & her husband enjoying the city

MACS has been an association since the 1980’s and is always looking to be of assistance to its members. Since its founding in 1981, MACS efforts have been centered around its’ loyal members and customers. This work would not be possible without the wonderful staff behind the phones and screens. With that thought in mind, we want you to meet Barbara Wheeler, MACS’ recent addition to the Customer Support team!

About Barbara

Barbara has been with the team for about 9 months now. Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, she is bilingual and can speak both English and Portuguese! One of the toughest challenges she faces daily is the difference in  cultures between where she grew up and living/working in the United States. Despite the differences, Barbara perseveres through any challenges thrown her way! She is eager to learn every aspect of our industry!

Barbara decided to join MACS because she believes in the core mission and values of the company, and loves to be a part of something she feels good about! Her favorite thing about MACS is how it has grown and developed over the years, even before she started. Since starting here, a little over 9 months ago, the biggest lesson she has learned is how crucial communication and teamwork are to getting the job done. Everything gets done more effectively with a team approach. The one word Barbara would use to describe MACS  is “Welcoming”. She felt welcomed the moment she stepped in the door and always keeps that attitude towards those we work with!

MACS appreciates  Barbara’s efforts! We love having her here in the office, always ready for the next task to make the day go by more efficiently. Thank you, Barbara, for all you do for our association and our members/partners.

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