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Spring Into Mobile A/C Season!

By: Alexa Murphy

Spring is here!

With a hopeful mind, we look forward to warmer weather, short sleeve shirts and shorts. We also look forward to the upcoming season of broken mobile air conditioners. Let’s be sure to keep customers happy by properly fixing their busted A/C.

MACS’ Section 609 Certification is a great place to start! By complying with the Clean Air Act of 1990, technicians can properly purchase and handle refrigerants. In doing so, we can protect both the people we work with and the environment from harm. Without correctly recovering and recycling refrigerant, dangerous health risks are posed to humans and the global climate. An EPA 609 Certification allows industry professionals to understand and stay compliant with EPA guidelines in handling and recycling of refrigerants (MACS 2022).

Spring Ahead while you can!

MACS now offers Section 609 Classes every week starting in April! To be sure you are ready for the upcoming busy season, sign up for one of our Section 609 Certification & Test Prep Webinars. These webinars include an hour-long in-depth training video as well as a practice test and Section 609 test to ensure you succeed. Check out our Live Events page for more information including dates & times. Keep in mind, these are completely virtual for your convenience!

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