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Join MACS for HD A/C Boot Camp!

by: Alexa Murphy

Membership, Events, & Marketing Assistant @ MACS

Have you heard?

MACS is going to be hosting an exclusive two-day boot camp live at the MACS headquarters! The focus of this boot camp is servicing heavy-duty air conditioning systems. Jerry Lemon will be joining as a host for the in-person hands-on demonstration following the Section 609 class on Friday, April 12 proctored by MACS’ very own, Steve Schaeber.

What Can You Expect @ Boot Camp

You’re probably wondering what can be expected to take place at this exclusive two-day event. Well, you can expect to be well educated on servicing heavy-duty air conditioning thanks to Jerry Lemon’s expertise and specialization in heavy-duty vehicles. If you plan on making it Friday, you can also expect to have the opportunity to be EPA Section 609 certified so that while servicing these vehicles, you have the proper credentials to comply with the EPA.

More Boot Camp Details

This event will be taking place on Friday, April 12 from 1pm-4pm with Steve Schaeber as the proctor for the Section 609 class. There will be light refreshments provided.

On Saturday, April 13 the fun ramps up lasting from 9am-3pm! This is when Jerry Lemon will take over to show how to properly service these heavy-duty machines. A light breakfast, as well as a lunch will be provided for guests!

MACS really hopes to see you there! You don’t want to miss the live and in-person opportunity.

Find pricing & registration options by clicking this link:

Don’t forget to register!

Limited capacity, with special member pricing. If you’re not a member, check out how you can become one using the links below!

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Have any questions or concerns? Email or call the office at (215) 631-7020.

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