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Recap: HD A/C Boot Camp

By: Alexa Murphy

As the weekend winds down, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jerry Lemon and all those who joined us for our HD A/C Boot Camp. It was an enriching experience filled with valuable insights into the proper servicing of Heavy-Duty A/C systems.

HD A/C Preparations

Steve & Jerry

On Thursday, Jerry graced the MACS headquarters to oversee preparations for our event. Following this, the team ventured to BSI, who generously equipped us with HD equipment for the event. Under Jerry’s expert guidance, a session on field servicing techniques ensued, laying the groundwork for what the Boot Camp will follow and allowing for some great video content we hope to share soon.

Getting Into HD A/C Boot Camp

Training Class in Session

On Friday, participants gathered for an in-person Section 609 certification training. Steve Schaeber, MACS’ Manager of Service Training & Technical Editor, delivered an engaging presentation of the Section 609 training slides, fostering interactive discussions. Following Steve’s session, participants undertook a paper test, after which breakout discussions ensued before concluding the day.

Saturday brought everyone back for an interactive demonstration led by Jerry Lemon. Jerry is a distinguished MACS-certified trainer renowned for his expertise in Heavy-Duty A/C. The day commenced with a light breakfast followed by a 3.5-hour class session. Following lunch, the anticipated hands-on segment of the class began.

Participants witnessed firsthand the workings of heavy-duty A/C systems and learned the proper techniques for servicing them. Generously facilitated by BSI, attendees had the opportunity to examine an RRR Machine mounted on a Pickup Truck and gain insights into a skid steer. Despite the windy weather in Eastern PA, spirits remained high, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

HD A/C Pickup Truck
Skid Steer Compressor
HD A/C Skid Steer

Looking Forward

We look forward to hosting more events of this nature in the future! Keep an eye on our website’s events page for upcoming events. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed about upcoming events.

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