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HVAC in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Hanging out in the hall after lunch at the MACS Training Event in New Orleans, a young tech approached Jack Rosebro, introduced himself as Ron and said, “Somebody told me about your class this morning on HVAC in hybrid vehicles. He said I should be there when you repeat the class this afternoon, but I’d like to know more. Can you tell me why I should attend yours and not the one I had planned? What’s the big deal about air conditioning in hybrids and what will I learn in your class that I’ll actually use when I go back to the shop?”
Having just taught that class in the morning, Jack was able to answer Ron’s question quickly: “The heating and air conditioning systems  in most hybrid vehicles and virtually all electric vehicles are very different from HVAC systems in conventional vehicles. Many of them have high-voltage electric compressors, and some use both the air conditioning and the heating systems to control battery pack temperature, regardless of how the instrument panel controls are set. Electric vehicles typically use high-voltage resistance heaters to produce the heat that would normally be supplied by an engine’s cooling system. So you can see, there’s a lot to learn if you’ve never worked on these vehicles, and what you learn in this class will come in handy the first time you’re faced with working on one.”
HVAC for Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles is just one of the training seminars that will be presented at the 2014 MACS Training Event and Trade Show in New Orleans, January 16 – 18. This is the biggest MACS training event of the year, focusing primarily on HVAC and engine cooling in passenger cars, heavy duty and off-road vehicles and hybrid/electric vehicles. But that’s not the entire program. Other presentations will focus on advanced diagnostic techniques, business/shop management, and updates on new regulations and technology. There will also be a Section 609 Technician Certification class that includes information on R-1234yf and concludes with the certification test. And we’ll present the results of the 2013 MACS Field Service Survey. If you arrive early enough, there’s the annual golf tournament on Wednesday at TPC Louisiana (, and the party continues that night at New Orleans’ Mid City Lanes Rock’n’Bowl (
The 34th annual Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide Training Conference and Trade Show, Power UP  will take place January 16-18 2014 at the Sheraton New Orleans. Jack Rosebro’s class is scheduled for Thursday morning and is repeated on Thursday afternoon. Go here to see the whole schedule and to register.
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The 34th annual Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide Training Conference and Trade Show, Power Up  will take place January 16-18 2014 at the Sheraton New Orleans.

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