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Time to plug into EV training

By Andy Fiffick, MACS chairman and CEO

Read any automotive publication or website, and you will see numerous stories from all the big automotive manufacturers and quite a few shiny new start-ups about vehicle electrification. Whether it is General Motors promising to stop producing gasoline fueled cars by 2035 or Tesla making electric pick-up trucks, or Ford committing to investing $29 billion in electric and autonomous vehicles, technology is marching on to the creation of an all-electric global fleet.

Recently, MACS member, Dr. Mark Quarto of Futuretech shared this call to action in a linked-in post addressing training needs for the future where electric vehicles are concerned, “This is happening across every segment of the transportation space, and I’ve seen the acceleration over the past 10 years within my own engineering projects with OEM and Tier 1 client base. The industry has been moving in this direction for decades, so the electrified vehicle population from every model year since 2000 is piling up in the field.

If, automotive instructors and technicians do not start developing their electronic, network and software skills now, the market may look elsewhere to recruit instructors and technicians to fill the void. It is already being discussed in some automotive circles, and quite simply, not that difficult to implement.

This post is meant to raise awareness. I’m hoping this post will inspire a call to action, very soon.”

It is up to us as MACS members to make sure we are embracing electric vehicles and positioning our businesses to survive. Most importantly, we need to send our employees to training classes to develop real skills like those offered by Futuretech, ensuring we are plugged in for the future. Our business survival depends on it.

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