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Texas Truck A/C thrives for 25 years

By Giselle Horrell, MACS Contributor

As Texas Truck A/C owners, employees, and customers celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary of being in operation, this business demonstrates what it means to not only survive for 25 years but to thrive.

Texas Truck A/C Crew

Launching in 1996 when Nick Rosato left his job at Waste Management, the company has seen constant expansion throughout the years, quickly outgrowing the single “service van, tools, and rented shop space” that started it all. Initially, Nick planned to keep the business servicing just trash trucks but then expanded “to include all heavy-duty trucks, busses, off-road equipment, and more.” These constant expansions lead to the addition of Nick’s wife, Marci Rosato, in 1997 as president of the company, who has remained a constant driving force in the family and operation over the years.

Expansion and Growth

When parts suppliers started increasing the price for parts, instead of making customers feel that in their wallets, Nick started a parts department in 2001 that was headed by Mike Morton, a long-time friend; this venture proved to yield a competitive advantage and was eventually courted by a private equity firm in 2017.

Due to consistent growth throughout the years, the company has witnessed the purchase and expansion of its original service facility in Balch Springs, TX; a steady increase in the number of service trucks owned and utilized; and an increase in the number of employees. The original Texas Truck A/C facility had construction for add-ons to accommodate the growing business until the demand for the types of repairs in which the company specializes grew to the extent that, in 2019, a new, much larger, facility had to be built in South Dallas, TX, where Texas Truck now resides. Under the helm of husband-and-wife Nick and Marci, with support from other family members, the U.S. Small Business Administration named Texas Truck A/C as the 2019 Family-Owned Business of the Year.

The company touts a forward-looking approach, and the history of the business thus far reflects the dedication to and the rewards of following that outlook. Texas Truck A/C believes that their “efforts to constantly evolve within the industry and provide the products and services most relevant to” customers have contributed to their longevity and success.

Since they value innovation, the owners of Texas Truck A/C “believe in the sharing of news and knowledge between industry members for the sake of progress,” and, since MACS aids in the sharing of such information, the company has remained MACS Members for 20 years. According to Joey Rosato—the Marketing Director for the company— “MACS is one of our primary media outlets when it comes to releasing news to the industry and marketing our products to member prospects.” With the new rebranding of MACS, Joey remarks that “it’s nice to know that our industry is pushing forward into the future together.”

Leading with gratitude

To celebrate the landmark anniversary, the company has “created a celebratory logo” and “had some merchandise prepared to give out to customers.” Looking back over the years in business, Joey states that “we’re honest and stand behind the products and services that we provide.”

Nick and Marci, the owners of Texas Truck AC want “to thank each and every customer that has trusted” the company “with their equipment over the last 25 years,” along with thanking all of the “vendors and media outlets” that have allowed them to “remain in a position to serve” the needs of their clients. Thanks to everyone who makes the continued success of Texas Truck A/C possible, “this company has withstood the test of time, realizing prosperity during the best and worst times that this country has seen,” which is a mark of pride for the owners. “No matter the storm,” Joey notes, “we’ve weathered effectively over the years to consistently remain a strong business.” They’ve done well making it this far and “hope to see 25 more even stronger years ahead.”

Texas Truck

For more details about Texas Truck A/C’s history and success, visit and go to the page titled “Our Story” underneath the Company tab.

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