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Then things got complicated!

A mobile A/C repair story from Marks Air in Tampa, FL

The vehicle was a 2013 Camaro.  The customer’s complaint was poor cooling and the temp would not change when you switched it from heat to cool. In diagnosing the job, the technician found the blend door was stuck to where it was blending heat. Until it was pulled out, the tech was not sure if it was a bad actuator or door.

When you pull that actuator out, the door will fall into the case, so the case must come out.  The door also must be clocked right to fit/work properly with the actuator. 

Once the case was pulled, they found that the evaporator was very dirty and oily looking so the customer had the shop replace the evaporator as well.  The customer opted out of replacing the heater core.

When taking apart the dash, the steering column must be dismantled to take the outer dash cover off.  The windshield must be removed to be able to remove the two main bolts for the crossbeam of the dash.

When the case was removed, little pieces of glass were found that were the same color as the windshield (the windshield was still intact) and were jammed down in the space where the door was. It is suspected that is what eventually caused the door to bind and warp.   The customer was not the original owner of the car and was not aware of the windshield ever being broken.

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