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MACS Mobile A/C Update Webinar Now Available On Demand

Every year the Mobile Air Climate Systems Association creates a special mobile A/C update clinic to help working technicians keep up with the rapidly changing mobile A/C service and repair industry.

The material is sourced from previously un-presented material from the MACS 2020 Mobile A/C Update Clinic book. The MACS clinic book is a separate purchase.

The Mobile A/C Update presentation is 1 hour long.
The purchaser will have access to the video for up to three weeks.

Topics for Mobile A/C Update:

  • Manifold Gauge Pressures & Line Temperatures
  • A/C Line Temp Review
  • Expected Results
  • Temp Drops from Ambient to Duct
  • Evaporators, TXVs, Condensers & more!
  • eVDCs (Electronically Controlled Variable Displacement Compressors)
  • Test Equipment
  • IHX (Internal Heat Exchanger)
  • Contact Thermometer
  • Update on EPA, Refrigerant Regulations, R-1234yf & Section 609 Certification

    Members can purchase the video for $35 and non-members $50
    Click here to purchase.

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