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Do you have the essential tools for success?

Are you using all the available tools to success?

Using the correct tools to service and repair vehicles is so important that the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) creates standards for some service tools to meet. Requirements for their use by service professionals is included, as well. Some examples include refrigerant recovery and recycling machines, refrigerant identifiers and leak detectors.

Take the time to read the May 2021 feature in MACS ACTION magazine by Paul Weissler, MACS technical correspondent to learn about the tools that can help you improve your service and repairs at this link:

The one tool no mobile A/C specialist should perform repairs without is a MACS membership!

What is MACS Membership?

Over 41 years ago a group of shop owners decided to come together to create standards and guidelines for mobile A/C repair. They also set a goal to make sure technicians received proper training and were responsibly recovering and recycling refrigerant to preserve the environment. Additionally, the founders of MACS strived to ensure there was open communication, knowledge sharing and networking among manufacturers, distributors, and service shop owners.

Today with change in the industry happening so fast, membership in the Mobile Air Climate Systems Association (MACS) is even more valuable to shop owners. MACS is a clearing house for mobile A/C technical and regulatory information and the source for unbiased training.

I am Section 609 certified am I a MACS member?

Many people think when they complete their Section 609 certification, they are automatically MACS members, but Section 609 certification is not MACS membership. Section 609 certification is the successful completion of a US EPA requirement to practice responsible refrigerant recovery and recycling and refrigerant purchase. MACS is the originator of the Section 609 program.

A paid MACS membership is the next step for professionals. A MACS membership is a set of services for which you pay an annual membership fee. As a member, you have access to MACS publications and extra services. Special access to money-saving member benefits, including discounts on training events and discounts from vendors like CINTAS, GE appliances, Garage Guardian business insurance, MMIC health insurance plans, Lenovo computers, TSYS credit card processing and UPS shipping discounts. Do you know MACS service members receive five free Section 609 certification tests and free Section 609 reprints?

Members also have access to MACS Mobile A/C Diagnostics app, which contains the entire MOTOR mobile A/C and engine cooling vehicle specifications for your mobile device. The MACS app also has access to MACS publications and checklists to help run your shop efficiently.

If you have yet to become a member of MACS join us today at our website at or call the MACS office at 215-631-7020 x305, 313 or 309.

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