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Truck A/C is a hot commodity

By Andy Fiffick, MACS Chairman and CEO

Look out on your local highway, and what do you see? Truckers getting the job done.
They want their cabs to be cool in summer and warm in winter.
They want the climate system to work right. There is no time for downtime. That is where we come in.

A working climate system for a truck cab begins with a properly trained service and repair technician. The place to acquire that high-level, fact-based, real-world heavy duty and off-road truck climate system training is at the MACS 2021 Training Event and Trade Show.

The heavy-duty truck/off-road vehicle training MACS will present on Thursday, September 30, 2021, is where you can get the information you need from the people who designed the systems for the vehicles you see every day. Here is the speaker rundown:

John Wagner from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers will explain the road to trucks converting to R-1234yf refrigerant.

Rachel Dill and Greg Trulear from Schrader Pacific will unravel the mystery of service ports. Every A/C system has them, but what are they and how should they be used? You will get the answers in this presentation from these knowledgeable engineers.

Dan Spurgeon and Erik Njos of Caterpillar will go over new developments in system design and improvements and in-depth A/C troubleshooting and diagnosis.

Sherwood Wheeler of AGCO will discuss changes, updates, and TSBs for AGCO vehicles as well as service scenarios and repair tips.

Paul Krug of Komatsu will dig into the Komatsu line of mining equipment. Vehicles used for mining present unique challenges for climate control systems. Paul will discuss these challenges and how to overcome them.

Jerry Lemon, veteran industry expert, will discuss school bus A/C and what you need to know when tackling these workhorse systems. Jerry will go into the state-required standards, service requirements and some common A/C system repair issues.

On Saturday, October 1, MACS trainer, Larry Turay will hold a master class in understanding and troubleshooting data lines on heavy-duty trucks. Larry will explain components and subsystem inputs and outputs and how they can influence system performance.

This training line-up is unique to the MACS Training Event, and you won’t find it anywhere else or on video.

Come to our Orlando event, and take it all in live and in person.  Ask questions, learn from your peers, meet the manufacturers in our Trade Show and invest in your success.

Register now on the MACS website at:

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