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Cooling fan circuit analytics

What will I learn at MACS 2021 Training Event and Trade Show?

What is Peter Orlando’s class Cooling fan circuit analytics about? It began decades ago as a mechanical fan attached to the water pump with and without a fan clutch.  And now it has evolved into an efficient complex electrical motor control of cooling the modern internal combustion engine.

Today’s technicians must be prepared to analyze, evaluate, and diagnose any electric cooling fan circuit deficiencies that are in the bay.

Engine cooling fan

Learn about cooling fan control and monitoring methods, circuit evaluation using wiring schematic diagrams, and cooling fan electrical circuit troubleshooting. Remember, if we have a cooling system malfunction, we may automatically have an A/C system complaint!

Click here to view the entire MACS Training Program for the 2021 Training Event and Trade Show, February 3-6, in Orlando, FL at the Rosen Centre Hotel.

Click here to register to attend MACS 2021 Training Event at MACS website or call the MACS office at 215-631-7020 x 309 or 311.

To reserve a hotel room at the Rosen Centre, MACS host hotel in Orlando, FL. MACS room rate is $169 (single or double plus tax) Call (800) 204-7234 or (407) 996-9840.

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