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Understanding and troubleshooting data lines on heavy-duty trucks

Understanding and Troubleshooting data lines on heavy-duty trucks will be presented by Larry Turay of LETCO Enterprises. In Larry’s Saturday morning class, attendees will learn how components and subsystem inputs and outputs can influence HVAC operations. 

Attendees will learn diagnostic testing tips and pointers along with a featured look at how the HVAC system communicates between the vehicle’s data lines and powertrain systems.

Attendees will gain information on temperature testing, accessing DTC’s when a scan tool is not available system recalibration, and common problems found on long haul rigs.

Click here to view the entire MACS Training Program for the 2021 Training Event and Trade Show, September 30-October 2 in Orlando, FL at the Rosen Centre Hotel.

Click here to register to attend MACS 2021 Training Event at MACS website or call the MACS office at 215-631-7020 x 309, 313 or 305.

To reserve a hotel room at the Rosen Centre, MACS host hotel in Orlando, FL. MACS room rate is $169 (single or double plus tax) or call (800) 204-7234 or (407) 996-9840.

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