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Don’t try this at home

Don’t try this at home! We do not recommend adding a machete to your mobile A/C tool kit. However, in Belize they do things differently. Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.

MACS member, John Banman sent us these pictures and this story in response to our blog about compressor clutches.

John says, “Did I ever send you pictures of clutch removal in Belize? Several compressor models are known for having tight clutches. You might recommend replacing the compressor, but many of our customers can not do
that, so when the gap needs adjustment we sometimes do the obvious. We are familiar with machetes and we put them to good use. No, we don’t spill any blood!

On top of the machetes we often have to wedge in screwdrivers  to break the front plate off the shaft.

Not very important information here but it is something the books will normally not teach.”

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