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Helping your customer understand their A/C repair

By Marion Posen, VP Member Relations and Marketing

The customer’s A/C system is not cooling the car. They’ve brought their car in to your shop to be fixed. Your diagnosis has determined the compressor is the problem and it needs to be replaced. How can you help your customer understand the repair?

To help service shop owners, MACS has created a 30-page consumer guide for your customers that explains how their car’s engine cooling system and air conditioning system works. “Getting to know your car’s air conditioning and engine cooling system,” details how these vital climate systems work and why they may require an extensive repair.

MACS Getting to know Your Car’s Air Conditioning and Engine Cooling System

In the booklet, customers can learn that the compressor is essentially the heart of the A/C system and that it is the pump that moves the refrigerant through the process that creates cool air. The compressor also raises the pressure of refrigerant from low to high.

Having the MACS booklet on hand in your shop can be an aid to helping your customer understand their repair job.

The booklet explains the function of each part and why the shop owner should acquire the correct parts for the repair. The customer would not bring their own stents for cardiac surgery they should not be bringing parts in for their repairs. If they do, they need to be made aware they will be charged for time and labor for malfunctioning parts.

Some other ideas from MACS shop owner members include, referring your customer to YouTube to see a compressor replacement repair. When they see the extent of the labor it takes to make the repair, they will understand the costs involved.

Also, take pictures of the repair process and document it to the customer showing them the steps involved and why it took the time it did and all that was involved. Seeing their dashboard removed and all the pieces taken apart may give the customer better perspective on what it takes to do the job. A double benefit is retaining those photos for internal training at your shop.

If you would like to order copies of MACS publication, “Getting to know your car’s air conditioning and engine cooling system,” click here to purchase or call the MACS office at 215-631-7020 x 309, 313, or 305.

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