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MACS Compressor Class

MACS is holding a compressor class on Wednesday, May 11 at our training facility in Lansdale, PA.

Have you ever had questions about why certain types of mobile A/C compressors perform the way they do? Did you wonder who you could ask? Well MACS trainer, Richard Hawkins will be teaching his class Behavioral Characteristics of Various Compressor Types live at the MACS training facility on Wednesday, May 11 from 5:30-9pm.

Richard will cover, the multitude of compressor designs being used across the vehicle fleet, and even some certain models that can be fitted with different compressors. That is why it is important for technicians to know their differences and how they operate.
*Pistons and scrolls
*Electronic and mechanical controls
Will all be covered in this comprehensive class to increase your knowledge of compressor behavior.

Space will be limited for this class so register by Monday, May 2. You can register on the MACS website at this link:

You can also call the MACS office at 215-631-7020 x 309, 311 or 313.

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