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Improving A/C cool down time

By Richard Hawkins, MACS Contributor

Last week’s article was focused on A/C cool down time, and we indicated toward the end that this week’s article would contain some suggestions to improve cool down time. A/C not cooling fast enough

If there is an issue with an A/C system, then obviously that needs to be fixed and that will aid in cool down time.  However, if a system is working properly and a customer is complaining, then the focus needs to shift toward educating the customer on steps they can take to improve cool down time.

First and foremost, the best way to improve cool down time is by reducing the amount of heat inside of a vehicle.  The easiest way to do this is to try to park where the vehicle is shaded from direct sunlight.

This could involve parking where a building or trees might block sunlight.  Careful:  It is not a good idea to place a vehicle directly under trees as they can sometimes drip sap which can be harmful to paint. Weather permitting, leaving the windows open slightly can also result in a little less heat build-up inside of a vehicle.

Another excellent way to reduce heat buildup is using sunshades placed in the windshield area.  There are several videos posted on Youtube with tests done utilizing them. The methods and results vary, but just about every test indicated a significant reduction in inside vehicle temperatures when sunshades were used.  Not surprisingly, the area which benefited the most was the dashboard.  Another benefit of utilizing sunshades is the protection they provide to interior parts. This can reduce the tendency for dashboards to fade and crack due to exposure to sunlight over time.  Please see the picture below.

Sunshades are inexpensive, easy to use and can make a significant different in interior vehicle temperatures and cool down time.

I have not personally conducted any temperature tests on vehicles with and without sunshades, but I use them in every vehicle I own and their use results in lower interior temperatures and a shorter cool down time.

Here is a tip from a MACS article from several years ago: If the vehicle has been in a hot soak, for example, run the system in Manual/Floor mode first to clear the HVAC case of hot air. Do this with the windows open so the hot air exits the passenger compartment. Then switch to Max A/C, but with the blower on low speed. The amount of airflow may be modest, but it will be at a lot lower temperature.

To read the entire article, please go to the following link:

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet that is going to result in instant vehicle cool down, but by utilizing a combination of the things outlined in this article, some improvement is possible.

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