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A New Perspective-MAACA Super Saturday

By: Alexa Murphy, Events, Membership, & Marketing Assistant at MACS

Some may know me from our email conversations, and many of you do not. My name is Alexa, and I am the new Events, Membership, & Marketing Assistant at MACS. I have been here a little over three months now and have had a wonderful experience thanks to our team as well as our members. Before joining MACS, I had little to no experience with mobile air conditioning or the automotive industry in general. With a mom working in insurance, I have been to a few automotive events. Although, I have little recollection of what went on. However, thanks to Steve Schaeber and Peter Coll, I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of my first official events in the industry, MAACA Super Saturday.

Alexa & Steve take a selfie

An Inside Look from a Newbie

I felt welcome the moment I stepped into the doors of The Radisson Hotel Northeast Philadelphia, where the event was being held by MAACA on Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11. I was greeted by the most wonderful staff, who were able to guide me on where to go and what to do from that point.

Steve Schaeber at the MACS booth

As soon as I was in the event, Steve showed me the ropes of what goes into having a great booth. I met many wonderful people such as G Truglia from Dorman, Tim Iezzi who was there with eepromicon, and Rick White from 180Biz. I was able to see some of them in action, teaching some interesting and important classes to those who attended. Being at the event, you can really see the care everyone puts into wanting everyone to be the best tech, business, shop owner, etc. they can be. Everyone truly wants everyone to succeed, and it is probably one of the most amazing environments I have worked in.

The team over at MAACA also did such an amazing job with the organization of the event. It did not at all feel hectic, chaotic, or rushed. Everything was done in a timely manner, and they really made sure to stay on top of their schedule. Everything seemed to be smooth and seamless. Unfortunately, I could not stay for the entire event, however, the food looked great and the turnout for MACS’ Section 609 class was amazing.

Looking Forward

Attending this event really helped me see the work that goes into it and how amazing they can truly be. It also made me think about how just in a few short months, MACS’ Training Event and Trade Show will be here and I will be on the other end of working with such a big event in the industry. MAACA Super Saturday was a great start for me to get ready and prepare for MACS’ Training Event and Trade Show at the Rosen Centre in beautiful Orlando, FL.

MACS booth display at Super Saturday

I can’t wait to meet all of you guys there!

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About the author: Alexa Murphy is the Events, Membership and Marketing Assistant at MACS, the Mobile Air Climate Systems Association. Alexa joined MACS in July of 2023. She graduated with an AA in Business and a BS in Marketing, and has prior experience in sales and marketing strategy.

Originally published on 11/15/2023

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