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Show me your MACS 609 card

When you purchase refrigerant in quantities of two pounds or more you must show your Section 609 card.
If you are Section 609 certified through MACS between 1991 and May 2021 your card will look like this:

Hand holding an example certification card

A MACS Section 609 card has no bar code and nor expiration date. A Section 609 card DOES NOT expire as the U.S. EPA at tis time does not require recertification. Once obtained a Section 609 certification is good for life.
If you become certified anytime from now going forward your MACS Section 609 card will look like this:

MACS also maintains the database for all IMACA Section 609 card holders. If anyone challenges the validity of your MACS Section 609 card please call the MACS office at 215-631-7020 x 305, 313, 311 or 309.
If your credential has been lost it can be replaced at this link on the MACS website

20 responses to “Show me your MACS 609 card”

  1. Buell C Wood says:

    I’m trying to get a copy of my MACS certificate. I can’t find my certificate

  2. James Palitsch says:

    I am looking for my MACS AIR CONDITIONING certification number

  3. Matthew Woods says:

    I have taken the MACS certification and passed around 1990-1995 but cannot locate card.

  4. Giancarlo Pezzaniti says:

    Hello, I can’t find my 609 card it’s been awhile, I also can’t find my certificate.

  5. Jacob Carpenter says:

    My name is Jacob Carpenter, license number 1112664. Is my 609 certificate good for r134 and r12?

  6. Michael Howard says:

    How do I get a replacement ID card

  7. Damien Simmons says:

    Never received my certification card by mail, my certification number is 846107

  8. James Keith Lefeaux says:

    I can not find my Macs card. what do I do to get a replacement card. My card was issued around 1990

  9. jeffrey dehart says:

    good morning. my name is jeffrey dehart. im trying to check on my certification from MACS. i belive i have both a 134 cert from around 2000 and a cert for 1234yf from 2021. how do i look up my certification. thank you

  10. Alexa Murphy says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    You should be able to look up your certification by logging in to our website if you did so online. If that does not work, or you do not have a login, please email or call the office at (215) 631-7020.

  11. Bobby Black says:

    I need a replacement card

  12. Darnelle Davis says:

    hi its been a while that I have my macs 609 certification, but cant find the physical card can you help me with that please and thank you.

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