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Show me your MACS 609 card

When you purchase refrigerant in quantities of two pounds or more you must show your Section 609 card.
If you are Section 609 certified through MACS between 1991 and May 2021 your card will look like this:

Hand holding an example certification card

A MACS Section 609 card has no bar code and nor expiration date. A Section 609 card DOES NOT expire as the U.S. EPA at tis time does not require recertification. Once obtained a Section 609 certification is good for life.
If you become certified anytime from now going forward your MACS Section 609 card will look like this:

MACS also maintains the database for all IMACA Section 609 card holders. If anyone challenges the validity of your MACS Section 609 card please call the MACS office at 215-631-7020 x 305, 313, 311 or 309.
If your credential has been lost it can be replaced at this link on the MACS website

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