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What does a MACS Section 609 card look like?

MACS occasionally receives reports from the field of a technician being refused purchase of refrigerant for not having a proper Section 609 card. Usually this is due to the technician not producing the right card. It could also be that the counterperson does not understand what a MACS Section 609 card looks like. What does a MACS Section 609 card look like?

Let’s take a look. A Section 609 card has no expiration date. Currently, the US EPA does not require a recertification once a technician has obtained a certification.  The Section 609 card has no barcode. If you are a technician and you present a proper MACS Section 609 card, and it is refused please call the MACS office at 215-631-7020.

If you are a distributor counterperson and you need to verify a customer Section 609 card, please call us at the same number.

See photos below to identify a MACS Section 609 card.

MACS Section 609 cards issued from 1991-2020 look like this:

MACS Section 609 Cards issued after 2021 look like this:

If you have been previously Section 609 certified by MACS and lost your credential you may apply for a new copy on the MACS website at this link.

If you have not been certified and need to take the test please visit this link.

To learn more about Section 609 certification from the US EPA visit this link.

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