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Compressors 101

By Richard Hawkins, MACS contributor

You are invited to attend a Compressors 101 class I will be conducting next week at the MACS training facility in Lansdale, PA.  The title of the class is Behavioral Characteristics of Various Compressor Types.  It is happening live on Wednesday May 11 from 5:30 to 9:00pm

Different types of compressors function and behave in different manners and the purpose of this class is to provide information on them that can be applied to diagnostics.  This is an extended version of the class that was held at the MACS Training Event and Trade Show in Orlando, FL last fall.

We reported on that class in some of the fall blog articles. For a sample of some of the information that will be in the class, you can click here .


Picture 1:  A slide from the class containing a screenshot of a video we ran to illustrate how an electronically controlled variable displacement compressor behaved under different heat loads.

We realize that the attendance at this class will be composed of people who are in proximity to Lansdale, PA.

To, permit those who are unable to attend to participate, we invite you to email any questions you might have about compressor behavior in the “Leave a Reply” box below.  We will discuss those questions in the class and provide information on them in the blog the week after the class.

If you are attending you need to register by Friday, May 6! Click here to register online or call the MACS office at 215-631-7020 x 306, 305 or 309.

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